Sandeep Gupta

Sandeep Gupta

मेरा नाम संदीप गुप्ता है और मैं अभी 23 साल का हूँ, मैं अयोध्या उत्तरप्रदेश का रहने वाला हूँ और मैंने RMLAU से ग्रेजुएशन किया हुआ है और मैं अभी एक फार्मा कंपनी में जॉब करता हूँ और पार्ट टाइम ब्लॉग्गिंग भी करता हूँ !

MG ZS EV Review | Specifications, Price, Range

mg zs ev

Electric vehicles (EVs) have gained remarkable popularity in the automotive industry as more people prioritize sustainable transportation. EVs offer an environmentally conscious alternative to traditional fuel-powered vehicles by utilizing electric power and reducing harmful emissions. One standout in the electric…

Citroen eC3 | Review, Price, Features

Citroen eC3

In the area of sustainable transportation, Electric Vehicles (EVs) are revolutionizing the automotive industry. One such notable innovation is the Citroen eC3, a fully electric car that combines cutting-edge technology, sleek design and eco-friendly performance. In this blog, we will…

Kia EV6 | Price, Features, Range

kia ev6

The automotive industry is undergoing a significant transformation with the rise of electric vehicles (EVs), and one brand that is making waves in this domain is Kia Motors. As the demand for eco-friendly transportation options continues to grow, Kia is…

Tata Punch EV | Price, Features, Range

tata punch ev

The electric vehicle revolution is gaining momentum, and Tata Motors is at the forefront of this transformation. Enter the Tata Punch EV, a compact electric SUV designed to conquer the challenges of urban mobility. With its sleek design, impressive range…

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